Innovium Launches Open Source Hyperscale-like Networking

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Innovium, Inc., a provider of networking switch solutions for cloud and edge data centers, today announced Innovium TERACertified switch solutions that the company said delivers up to 2X or more TCO network advantage over alternatives, currently enjoyed only by hyperscalers.

Disaggregation has been occurring throughout the IT stack, delivering innovation, choice and TCO advantages. Compute servers have moved from proprietary hardware and operating systems to open and disaggregated server hardware and Linux OS, and applications have moved from monolithic architecture to microservices-based cloud native architecture with APIs and containers. But networking disaggregation has happened only among the top hyperscale cloud operators (a market segment that Innovium said it dominates by itself and Broadcom) because only they have have in-house R&D resources required for solution integration. Existing switch solutions used in over 90 percent of the broader market are based on proprietary NOS with vendor lock-in. White box solutions have not gained significant adoption due to complex NOS, system and ASIC expertise and support required from disparate vendors, according to Innovium.

“The data-center switch market, projected to be $23 billion in 2024, is ripe for a massive transition to disaggregated networking,” the company said. “Current data center switch solutions use sub-optimal switch silicon, built using legacy or bloated architectures designed to serve disparate market segments. The switches use proprietary NOS with vendor lock-in and have high cost structures.”

Innovium said its TERACertified switch solutions are based on TERALYNX, data center and AI optimized switch silicon and on open source SONiC software that avoids lock-in and enables open disaggregated solutions and lower TCO.

“The TERACertified Switch solutions are highly robust partner switch systems designed in partnership with key ODM partners, delivered with Innovium’s rigorous certification,” the company said. “Innovium developed the certification process based on years of experience in collaborating with the top hyperscalers to design and deploy highest quality switches at scale. They use Innovium’s TERALYNX switch silicon and open-source SONiC network OS that has been deployed by hyperscalers and leading enterprises. They are ready-to-deploy and built from silicon up, pre-validated with optics, cables and hardened SONiC. The TERACertified switch solutions offer a comprehensive portfolio of 100G, 200G, 400G and 800G Ethernet switches with 10/25GbE to 400GbE connectivity, ideal for all tiers of the data center network. They deliver unmatched performance, lowest latency, ultra-low power and most advanced FLASHLIGHT analytics.”

According to Innovium, its Ethernet-based TERACertified switches include: 

  • 1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP28 (100G)
    • Cost-effective ToR switch in 1RU, based on 3.2T TERALYNX 5 switch asic
    • Targeted at use cases for ToR and edge applications
  • 1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP56 (100/200G)
    • ToR switch in 1RU, based on 6.4T TERALYNX 5 switch asic
    • It is targeted at use cases for ToR and edge applications
    • Lets customers transition from 25G NRZ to 50G PAM4 connectivity to servers & storage
  • 1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP-DD (400G)
    • Radix and performance switch in 1RU, based on 12.8T TERALYNX 7 switch asic
    • It is targeted at use cases for leaf, spine, core and DCI in the data center
    • Designed to be a power-efficient 12.8T switch
  • 1RU fixed switch with 32-ports of QSFP-DD800 (800G)
    • It is the next-gen highest radix and performance switch in 1RU, based on 25.6T TERALYNX 8 switch asic
    • It is targeted at use cases for next-gen leaf, spine, core and DCI in the data center
    • Power efficient 25.6T switch

“Our vision is to bring the benefits of open and disaggregated solutions being deployed by top hyperscale customers to the broader market. Using data center optimized TERALYNX switch silicon and open-source SONiC software we are delivering a set of highly robust and validated switches with disruptive TCO,” said Rajiv Khemani, CEO and Co-Founder of Innovium Inc.  “Through this effort, we are excited to be transforming the networking industry and ushering in a new era which will deliver breakthrough advantages we have enabled for top hyperscalers to a broad set of customers.”

“Disaggregation has existed in the networking industry for nearly a decade among hyperscale  customers,” said 650 Group’s Alan Weckel, Founder and Technology Analyst. “Innovation, higher bandwidths, greater control, automation and economics from white boxes have been critical drivers. Innovium has established itself as a credible player among hyperscalers and has enabled them with disaggregation. It is a smart strategy for them to extend disaggregation benefits to the broader market with the introduction of TERACertified switch solutions that deliver highly robust and pre-validated solutions built using TERALYX switch silicon and SONiC.”