Ionir: Combating Data Gravity with Kubernetes Native Storage and Data Management Platform

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NEW YORK — March 10, 2021 — ionir today announced expanded availability of its Kubernetes native storage platform. By eliminating complexity in Kubernetes data and storage management, ionir said it empowers customers to achieve a “Kubernetes Everywhere” vision, speeding digital transformation and cutting IT costs.

“Based on a simple yet revolutionary concept, ionir gives data the same agility that Kubernetes offers applications,” the company said. “Just as the internet was empowered by the Uniform Resource Locator (URL), which allowed network information to be retrieved by name, ionir accesses Kubernetes data by name rather than location. Now data can be moved in seconds to/from any cluster, anywhere in the world, or instantly accessed as it existed at any previous point in time in the past. With ionir, the complexity and expense of Kubernetes data and storage management simply evaporates.”

The company also announced two senior-level appointments:

Mike Wall will serve as executive chairman of the board and strategic advisor, acting as an ambassador for the company and helping secure strategic partnerships. Previously, Wall was chairman and CEO of Amplidata, an object storage software company, and led its sale to Western Digital. Wall has a long history in the storage and cloud tech space, including executive level positions with Atempo, DICOM Grid, and Intel’s Storage Group, where he led the industry’s transition to storage systems designed with commodity microprocessors and chipsets.

Kirby Wadsworth will serve as chief marketing officer. He brings more than two decades of marketing leadership in both publicly traded large enterprises and emerging startups. As a founder and early venture executive with several successful exits, Kirby helped pioneer the cloud storage, continuous data protection, and file virtualization industries. Prior to ionir, Kirby served as chief marketing officer at Illusive, Bayshore, Mendix, and Limelight and as vice president of global marketing at F5 Networks.

The two join ionir as the company is positioned to address key pain points in the rollout of Kubernetes into the enterprise space; the complexity of managing Kubernetes storage, the difficulty moving data between clusters and clouds, and the obstacles to meeting granular data recovery point objectives.

Jacob Cherian, CEO, ionir, said: “When enterprises move to Kubernetes, they enjoy lower total cost of ownership, faster digital transformation, and increased competitiveness. Data gravity has long been an issue in achieving the promise of Kubernetes Everywhere, but ionir’s unique approach eliminates this complexity, making data as agile as applications. We’re excited about the market’s reaction to ionir, and look forward to introducing our platform to a wider audience as we expand further into the market.”

Mike Wall, executive chairman and strategic advisor, ionir, said: “Kubernetes adoption is accelerating, but traditional approaches to moving data are expensive, time consuming, and complex. ionir is disrupting the Kubernetes and cloud storage market by helping organizations achieve seamless mobility for their applications and data. I am excited to be a part of this amazing team and offer my expertise to help guide the future of Kubernetes native enterprise storage over the coming years.”

About ionir
ionir offers a high-performance, software-defined, container-native storage and data management platform that ensures data is as agile as applications in the Kubernetes environment. Customers benefit from simplified management, automated elasticity and scale, the ability to move any amount of data anywhere in the world in seconds, and the ability to achieve one second recovery point objectives without complicated and expensive snapshot processes. ionir is backed by leading global investors including Jerusalem Venture Partners (JVP) and C5 Capital.