PLDA Joins ETP4HPC to Share High Speed Interconnect IP with European HPC Ecosystem

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AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France — PLDA, the leading developer of high-speed interconnect silicon IP, is joining ETP4HPC, an association that gathers leading European players in high performance computing technologies.

ETP4HPC – the European Technology Platform (ETP) for High-Performance Computing (HPC) – is a private, industry-led and non-profit association whose main mission is to promote European HPC research and innovation in order to maximise the economic and societal benefits of HPC for European science, industry, and citizens.

Interconnect solutions like PCIe, CXL, and CCIX are key technologies for high performance computing (HPC), which require increasingly higher data rates with the lowest latency possible. PLDA, a leading developer and licensor of High Speed Interconnect silicon IP for over 25 years, is proud to take an active part in this European initiative which aims to develop the region’s high performance computing leadership.

“ETP4HPC is very glad to welcome PLDA among our members. Our association has been campaigning for years in favour of a determined European policy for the development of sovereign technologies in the field of high performance computing. With PLDA and their leading expertise in interconnect IP, we welcome key skills and technologies for the future of European HPC.”, declared Jean-Pierre Panziera, chairman of the ETP4HPC association.

According to Stephane Hauradou, CTO of PLDA “We are proud to contribute our expertise in this collective effort, spearheaded by ETP4HPC, to build a powerful European HPC ecosystem. As a company with European roots, it was a natural fit for us to take part in this initiative.”

For more information on PLDA products for High Performance Computing, contact PLDA or visit the company’s website:

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About PLDA
PLDA is the leading developer of high-speed interface and interconnect Intellectual Property (SIP) supporting protocols such as PCI Express, CXL (Compute Express Link), CCIX (Cache Coherent Interconnect for Accelerators), and Gen-Z at multi-gigabit rates (2.5G, 5G, 8G, 16G, 25G, 32G, 56G, 112G). Since founded in 1996, PLDA has served over 3,300 customers and signed 6,400 licenses in 62 countries. PLDA is a global technology company with design and support offices in Silicon Valley, France, Bulgaria, Taiwan, and China.

source: PLDA