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Pure Storage Brings Its Block Storage to Microsoft Azure

Mountain View, Calif. – March 16, 2021 — Pure Storage (NYSE: PSTG), which offers storage as-a-service for multicloud environments, announced the general availability of Pure Cloud Block Store on Microsoft Azure Marketplace. With a common dataplane across multicloud environments, customers can move to the cloud on their terms, allowing for application portability to the cloud or to complement on-premises workloads with Dev/Test, Disaster Recovery and High Availability solutions in the cloud.

While enterprises increasingly desire cloud attributes including simplicity of management, pay-as-you-go consumption, and non-disruptive upgrades, they know the best way to achieve their goals is to implement a hybrid approach to IT. According to predictions from IDC, by the end of this year, more than 90% of enterprises worldwide will meet their infrastructure needs with a mix of on-premises/dedicated private clouds, several public clouds, and legacy platforms.

“Pure has been delivering the cloud experience from day one. With Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure, we are continuing to bridge the cloud divide, helping customers achieve the reliability, resilience, performance, and operational simplicity they expect from Pure wherever their data lives.” — Dan Kogan, VP of Product, FlashArray, Pure Storage.

“Pure and Microsoft Azure share the belief that our customers deserve a seamless experience whether their infrastructure is on-premises, hybrid, multicloud, or at the edge. Pure Cloud Block Store on Azure, which is built with unique Azure capabilities including shared disks and Ultra Disk Storage, provides a comprehensive high availability and performant solution. We are pleased to welcome Pure Cloud Block Store to the Azure Marketplace to bring increased data mobility and protection to our joint customers.” – Aung Oo, Partner of Director Management, Microsoft Azure Storage.

Pure Cloud Block Store provides data mobility across on-premises and cloud environments with a consistent experience, regardless of where data lives – on premises, cloud, hybrid cloud, or multicloud. Pure Storage works collaboratively with Microsoft to support joint customers on their cloud journey by addressing their diverse needs, including:

  • A common dataplane across environments: Because Pure Cloud Block Store runs the same operating system as Pure’s industry-leading FlashArray™ systems, customers are able to get all of the benefits of an enterprise-grade storage platform including data reduction, built-in snapshots, thin provisioning, and high availability, natively in the cloud and with the added benefit of seamless data mobility between clouds. It delivers consistent APIs and automation between on-premises and cloud, enabling developers to build once and deploy across their hybrid cloud.
  • Resilience and reliability: Pure Cloud Block Store enhances cloud storage reliability by ensuring that applications and data are resilient to single points of failure. Also announced today, the Pure Validated Design for Microsoft SQL Server Business Resilience delivers business continuity for mission critical SQL Server databases running on premises and enables disaster recovery in the cloud by leveraging the new Pure Cloud Block Store for Microsoft Azure as a high availability target. With SQL Server and the combination of FlashArray//X, FlashArray//C, and Pure Cloud Block Store, customers can achieve the highest levels of application availability, ensuring business continuity for their most important SQL Server workloads.
  • Cost efficiency: Cloud-native customers can see meaningful cost savings through Pure’s industry leading data reduction capabilities and via reduced management overhead typically associated with cloud-native block storage by eliminating the need to manage IOPS, bandwidth and capacity of individual volumes. Its industry-leading data efficiency means customers can buy less capacity in the cloud without compromising on enterprise storage features and flexibility.

Pure’s Subscription Services include the Evergreen program and unified subscription, which delivers on-premises solutions and Pure’s Cloud Block Store under a single consumption experience. Pure’s unified subscription is a true enterprise class utility that delivers ultimate flexibility for storage consumption.

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