Radio Free HPC:  Milan, Milan, Milan – and… How Will Intel Respond?

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By Dan Olds

This is a breaking news edition of Radio Free HPC, so you should play dramatic music while listening to this episode. Wait, don’t do that, we want you to actually hear the episode. So just hum something exciting while you listen.

In this special episode, we break down AMD’s new EPYC 7003 series processor. We talk some speeds, plenty of feeds, look at their security defense, and talk about some world records. All in all, it’s an action-packed and fun episode, suitable for the entire family. In fact, we recommend you gather your family round to listen to this one as we’ll be talking about how the implications of this new CPU. Will it bring AMD back to their Opteron and dual-core glory days? Will it, as Opteron and dual-core did, prompt Intel into mounting a furious comeback? And how about the other chips on the horizon?

We did have time to work in Henry Newman’s Reasons Why Nobody Should Ever Be Online. Ever. Henry found a story titled “A Hacker Got All My Texts for $16” which is truly chilling. You gotta listen to Henry describe the hack and then read the linked story. It’s wild that SMS security is sooooo loooooow.

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