Rescale’s 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report Reveals Major Cloud Adoption Trends in Research and Science

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SAN FRANCISCO, March 02, 2021 — Rescale, a hybrid HPC cloud platform enabling intelligent computing for digital R&D, today published its inaugural State of Cloud HPC Report. The report shares aggregate cloud adoption trends in the HPC industry, leveraging usage data across Rescale’s more than 300 customers and unrivaled catalogue of more than 660 supported HPC simulation packages and more than 100 specialized hardware architectures.

The report — “Big Compute: 2021 State of Cloud HPC Report” — reveals key trends in how HPC hardware and specialized software are accelerating cloud adoption across science, engineering and business.

The simulation software market is on fire – an industry expected to reach $21 billion by 20252. Across Rescale’s library of 660 software packages, most organizations run three or more simulation software packages. ANSYS Fluent is the most dominant simulation software provider across most HPC use cases, but within every industry, domain-specific challengers are ever- growing. For example, CFD++ (Aerospace), LS-DYNA (Energy), CONVERGE 3.0 (Automotive). It’s a great time to be a science engineer, in terms of the diversity of simulation software choice, and this report catalogues some of these emergent simulation softwares in specific industries.

Each of the cloud service providers have made investments in unique specialized hardwares (core clock speed, core memory, core I/O, high bandwidth interconnects, GPUs, etc). The combination of a fast growing catalogue of HPC software packages, up against different public cloud providers offering different advantages in underlying architectures is driving a multi-cloud trend. This report shows that more than 50 percent of HPC users are using more than one public cloud provider, up from 35% in 2018.

Business leaders understand how cloud changed software development and are now looking to apply cloud transformation to R&D. Scientists and engineers are specialists in the domains they serve. Cloud providers are specialists in cloud infrastructure. But the universe of engineers who are specialized in both the applied science domains and cloud infrastructure is very small, exacerbated by a talent shortage in the HPC industry. This report found that for most HPC execs, they are looking to automation to deliver more holistic R&D solutions including workflow automation to help their organizations get the most out of the cloud.

About Rescale  Rescale (@rescaleinc) is the leading hybrid HPC cloud platform delivering intelligent computing for digital R&D, and enabling more than 300 customers from startups to Fortune 50 enterprises to accelerate design cycles and time to market. Founded by former Boeing aerospace engineers, Rescale provides scientists and engineers a user-centric experience to collaborate and optimally run simulation and artificial intelligence workloads against specialized architectures on their cloud provider of choice, with no set-up or maintenance. IT leaders use Rescale to deliver HPC as-a-service from a cloud-based control plane with security, architectural, and financial controls.

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