Aliro Quantum to Unveil Quantum Network Design-Sim Platform at Quantum.Tech Virtual on April 12-14

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BOSTON April 7, 2021 – Aliro Quantum announces its participation in the Quantum.Tech Virtual 2021 conference on April 12-14, where the company will demo its quantum networking design platform, Aliro Q.Network (AQN). Quantum networking is expected to unlock ultra secure communications and AI applications, becoming an increasing focus for the U.S. with its over $1 billion investment in QIS research and expressed support with recently proposed federal legislation.

AQN is a cloud quantum network platform that assists engineers and researchers in leveraging Entanglement as a Service (EaaS) for their application needs. With simulation and emulation tools, AQN users can make decisions about network architectures, protocol selection, application optimization, and more.

“The first application will be a revolutionary new 100% secure communications fabric, with initial customers in the enterprise and government sectors,” said Jim Ricotta, Aliro CEO. “With AQN, Aliro is on the forefront of developing this for customers, and we can’t wait to showcase the platform at Quantum.Tech.”

In addition to demoing new quantum network simulation software, the Aliro team will present a virtual booth at the conference. Aliro representatives will be available to answer questions for attendees about how they can leverage EaaS for their applications, from secure communications to High Performance Computing (HPC) and more.

Quantum.Tech brings together industry, research institutions, government agencies, and investors whose goal is to drive the commercialization of Quantum technologies. The Quantum.Tech Virtual event is free to attend and will be held remotely on April 12-14. Attendees can register at

About Aliro Quantum
Aliro Quantum is a quantum networking platform company that spun out of NarangLab at Harvard University. Aliro is leading the charge on quantum network market creation by offering the foundational technologies needed for organizations around the world to build powerful quantum systems. An Air Force Research grant recipient, Aliro is designing quantum network simulation and emulation tools while partnering with national labs and hardware vendors including Air Force Research Labs, IBM Q Network, Rigetti, Honeywell Quantum Solutions, and Hyperion Research to make scalable quantum computing accessible. To learn more, visit

About Quantum.Tech
Quantum.Tech is the first conference & exhibition covering the emerging commercial applications of Quantum technologies. Tackling the spectrum of Quantum technology, from Quantum computing to sensing & metrology and secure communications & cryptography, this global forum will help Fortune 1000 enterprises understand and navigate the Quantum landscape, assess risks and opportunities, and help senior executives build a roadmap for Quantum readiness.