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Quantum Computing Inc. Announces Ready-to-Run Quantum Optimization on AWS

LEESBURG, Va., April 13, 2021 — Quantum Computing Inc. (OTCQB: QUBT) (QCI) today announced that QCI’s Qatalyst constrained optimization is now available as a Software as a Service (SaaS) on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS), for both classical and quantum computers. The SaaS service eliminates the need for complex quantum programming. It empowers subject matter experts (SMEs) to submit their complex optimization problems to Qatalyst, which leverages the power of quantum-ready computational software on classical processors to provide solutions. Users can also submit smaller problems to a variety of quantum processing units (QPUs) via Amazon Braket, using the exact same API with no quantum expertise required. As QPUs scale to support production usage, SMEs can submit the exact same problem to Qatalyst for hybrid classical/quantum or pure quantum processing.

Qatalyst SaaS gives users straightforward access to the software and hardware needed to drive computational results. Users or workflows simply employ one of the Qatalyst API’s six calls to submit today’s problems, with no new programming or changes to the problems. The service offers:

  • Seamless access to Qatalyst constrained optimization, running on classical or quantum computing resources.
  • Submission of today’s constrained optimization problems, eliminating the need to create complex new quantum programs that drives high cost, risk and complexity.
  • Access to a variety of quantum hardware through Amazon Braket, helping users avoid quantum hardware provider lock-in.
  • Improved performance, accuracy and a diversity of results to drive more informed business decisions compared with alternative quantum-ready and classical constrained optimization solutions.

QCI is working closely with AWS technology to ensure that Qatalyst delivers the best possible experience for classical users and workflows as they leverage quantum techniques and resources. Today, the Qatalyst SaaS service delivers quantum-ready constrained optimization, accelerating and improving the accuracy and diversity of results on classical systems. It can accept constrained optimization problems, as well as graph models, for computation. It also includes seamless access to QPUs via Amazon Braket, including D-Wave, IonQ, and Rigetti.

“We’re leveraging the power of AWS for both CPU and QPU resources to make quantum computing available on-demand via the cloud, without expensive, lengthy, trial-and-error programming,” said Robert Liscouski, CEO of QCI. “Pairing Qatalyst with AWS empowers enterprises with a practical and scalable approach for exploring the value of quantum computing. Customers get the benefits of the cloud for solving today’s problems with classical approaches, as well as simplified access to quantum computers to prepare for the future – with no risk, no programming, just better results.”

Today’s QPUs are not yet sufficiently scalable to solve large computations. Users can run smaller subsets of problems today, while waiting for the hardware scale that’s needed for larger solutions. As a quantum-ready SaaS service, Qatalyst acts as a seamless bridge between classical and quantum computing.

Amazon Braket is a fully managed quantum computing service that helps researchers and developers get started with the technology to accelerate research and discovery.

“Amazon Braket provides easy access to different quantum computing technologies,” said Richard Moulds, General Manager, Amazon Braket, AWS. “Services like QCI’s Qatalyst are important in making quantum computing accessible to a broader audience and helping customers explore how to combine classical and quantum computation. We are pleased to support the QCI team in delivering innovative solutions that build on Amazon Braket.”

QCI’s QikStart program, which was launched in February, offers quantum expertise, as well as access to AWS’s classical and quantum computing resources. It helps selected participants accelerate the adoption of quantum computing towards solving mission-critical problems for business. Participants also gain access to the Qatalyst quantum application accelerator, hardware, expert resources, and funding to explore and push the boundaries of quantum computing for delivering practical business results.

About Quantum Computing Inc.
Quantum Computing Inc. (OTCQB: QUBT) (QCI) is focused on accelerating the value of quantum computing for real-world business solutions. The company has developed the first software to bridge the power of classical and quantum computing, hiding complexity and empowering SMEs to solve complex computational problems today. QCI’s expert team in finance, computing, security, mathematics and physics has over a century of experience with complex technologies; from leading edge supercomputing innovations, to massively parallel programming, to the security that protects nations. For more information about QCI, visit



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