Brytlyt’s Accelerated Analytics – Powered by GPU

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This featured whitepaper, “Brytlyt’s Accelerated Analytics – powered by GPU – Why today’s data-driven businesses need GPU acceleration,” discusses the analytics challenges businesses are facing today, and how the Brytlyt platform can transform how people uncover insight from their data.

Brytlyt’s GPU accelerated database, analytics and visualization platform with AI capabilities is a next- generation product that can solve today’s data challenges. It empowers users to do everything they need –  with no restrictions and no compromises. Our advanced workbench can provide business-critical intelligence, in context and at the speed of thought.

As a platform built on open-source database technology, Brytlyt can be easily dropped in alongside existing  systems. Brytlyt leverages your existing investments to accelerate performance, quality, and business results, for optimized ROI.

The report includes the following sections:

  • The Current Data Challenge
  • Speed of Thought Analytics
  • Our Solutions
  • What We Do Differently
  • Use Cases
  • How We Work

Download this white paper, “Brytlyt’s Accelerated Analytics – powered by GPU” to learn about how GPU-accelerated platforms enable the application of data analytics to more complex and in-depth analysis  requirements. No matter how complicated, specific, or critical your datasets may be, they can be processed accurately in seconds with GPU technology.