cPacket Networks Announces Solutions for 100Gbps Network Observability

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SAN JOSE – June 3, 2021 – cPacket Networks, a provider of intelligent observability for the hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud networks, today announced two new products designed to deliver low-latency, high-performance, high-density 100Gbps network observability in support of enterprise automation, data center consolidation, and high-performance computing requirements. Building on cPacket’s existing 100Gbps portfolio, the new cVu 32100 and cVu 32100E network packet broker+ allow enterprises to acquire, aggregate, and deliver network packet data to IT performance and security tools reliably at 100Gbps or below.

“As we announced the new cStor 100 appliance a few weeks ago, our customers expect a complementing data delivery solution to meet the demands of data center consolidation and the 100Gbps refresh cycle. The new cVu 32100/E completes the solution and addresses key requirements in the most challenging operating environments across the most demanding industries,” said Brendan O’Flaherty, CEO of cPacket Networks.

Together, those products give organizations the deep, real-time, and actionable insights they need to align with industry trends around digital transformation, cloud migration, and remote work.

The cVu 32100/32100E packet broker+ offers 32 ports of 100/40Gbps, or 128 ports of 25/10Gbps in a compact 1RU size. The cVu 32100E is specifically designed for low-latency monitoring applications, delivering nanosecond timestamping with integrated real-time analytics, combined with wire-speed ingress and egress processing at each physical port for unrivaled accuracy, performance, and reliability.

  • Built for high-performance computing, financial services, and other intensive workloads. The cVu 32100E packet broker+ (enhanced version) includes specific additional features that assure the performance monitoring of low-latency intensive applications such as high-frequency trading, market data gap detection, medical digital imaging, 3D and video animation, healthcare, oil and gas exploration, pharmaceuticals, and other high-performance computing (HPC) applications. Those include:
    • cPacket’s industry-leading “cBurst” microburst characterization for improved threshold insight
    • High-resolution counters that provide one-second snapshots of throughput with millisecond resolution
    • High-precision timestamping for consistent metrics analysis and presentation
    • A robust 2-tier architecture with existing cVu 16100NG packet broker+, offering advanced features: smart filtering, deduplication, slicing, load-balancing, and more
  • Seamless provisioning and management through the new Fabric Manager. The new fabric manager (FM) feature being introduced with the products enables unified management and provisioning of the cVu 32100/E and cVu 16100NG packet brokers in a two-tier architecture for traffic orchestration and simplified operations.
  • Interoperability with complementary 100Gbps networks, including Nvidia What Just Happened. The cVu 32100/E packet broker+ aggregates, processes, and relays the network data from 100Gbps low-latency data center fabrics such as those offered by our leading partner, NVIDIA. The cPacket cClear solution can also collect real-time telemetry from that fabric using NVIDIA What Just Happened (WJH) technology. This complements cPacket analytics with detailed real-time visibility into abnormal network behaviors.

All new products are available starting today from cPacket directly or through their channel partners.

About cPacket Networks
cPacket de-risks IT I&O through network-aware service and security assurance across hybrid and multi-cloud environments. Our AIOps-ready Intelligent Observability Platform provides single-pane-of-glass analytics and provides the deep network visibility required for today’s complex IT environments. cPacket enables Fortune 500 organizations around the world to keep their business running. cPacket solutions are fully reliable, tightly integrated, and consistently simple. Our cutting-edge technology enables network, application, and security teams to proactively identify issues before negatively impacting the business. The result: increased service agility, enhanced experience assurance, and faster transactional velocity.