How to Integrate GPUs into your Business Analytics Ecosystem

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This whitepaper, “How to Integrate GPUs into your Business Analytics Ecosystem,” discusses how GPU technology can augment data analytics performance, enabling data warehouses and other solutions to better respond to new, yet common, database limitations that are the result of increasing data set sizes, increasing user concurrency and demand, and increased use of interactive analytics.

The way in which the analytics market has evolved has created the need for integrated environments, where a businesses’ data tools work together without barriers. Implementing BrytlytDB as part of a wider ecosystem of analytics tools is a seamless and future-proofed way to digitally transform your existing investments, boost ROI, and empower analysts to perform more advanced analytics capabilities that answer more interesting and relevant questions.

The report includes the following sections:

  • Executive Summary
  • The Value of an Analytics Ecosystem
  • How to Build Robust Integrations
  • How Brytlyt Empowers Advanced Data Warehouse Performance

Download this white paper, “How to Integrate GPUs into your Business Analytics Ecosystem,” to see how Brytlyt technology amplifies your existing data investments, increases ROI, enhances speed, and unlocks  possibilities that were previously unachievable.