OCP Issues Call for Papers for 2021 Global Summit

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The Call for Papers for the 2021 OCP Global Summit, November 9-10, 2021, is now open. These conference will includes keynotes, exhibits, expo hall talks and engineering workshops. The number of engineering tracks and their content for the 2021 Global Summit will depend on the response to the call for papers and the demand from the OCP community.

Abstracts should provide the following information:

Relevance Criteria

  • NEW: Your product is based on an approved specification (listed in the Contribution Database) and is present in the OCP Marketplace by Nov 9th, 2021.

  • NEW: Your specification has been approved by OCP and is listed in the OCP Contribution Database by Nov 9th, 2021.

  • NEW: Your facility is based on an OCP Colo Self Assessment and is listed in the OCP Marketplace by Nov 9th, 2021.

  • NEW: Your organization is launching an architecture based on OCP solutions (OCP recognized products, Integrated Solutions or Circular Economy solutions).

  • NEW: Your organization is testing software on OCP recognized products and listed in OCP Github.

  • NEW: Your organization is developing an open tool to support OCP recognized products which is listed in OCP Github.

  • Your organization has adopted OCP solutions in their infrastructure. This may include:

    • OCP approved documents (like white papers, guidelines, reference designs, etc)

    • OCP Accepted™ or OCP Inspired™ products

    • OCP Integrated Solutions

    • OCP Circular Economy solutions

    • Use of tools, firmware and software on the OCP Github

  • The current Project Community is discussing on-going work streams and you have additional information in support of these work streams and the data is open for discussion and not confidential.

If none of the above apply, please specify any information you would like the decision makers to consider when reviewing your submission. The OCP or Volunteer Leaders will get back to you with further direction.

To learn about our Projects and respective Sub-Projects, click here.  Technical content is highly encouraged as this event is intended to be an interactive deep dive on current work in progress and active concepts. We are looking for these types of experiences and subject matter expertise to build our 2021 OCP Global Summit schedule.