XTREME-D Launches HPC G4 Instance on Bare Metal High-Speed Computing Environment

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Tokyo, August 26, 2021 – Platform as a service provider XTREME-D today announced the launch of a new instance on its bare metal high-speed computing environment. Named G4 for the company’s fourth generation model, it was developed as an all-in-one solution using AXXE-L One, XTREME-D’s first server product, announced in June.

AXXE-L by XTREME-D is an HPC Environment as a Service, a framework that supports both on-premise and cloud environments and allows users to run all HPC jobs using the same process, regardless of environment. AXXE-L provides all major software stack components required to run HPC / AI jobs and is designed to do everything via a web browser. AXXE-L One is an appliance that comes with AXXE-L pre[1]installed, providing the key components required to run HPC / AI jobs out-of-the-box.

XTREME-D’s new G4 instance consists of compute nodes equipped with AMD’s newest EPYC 7003 series processor running at 2.0 GHz. The instance supports a maximum of 128 cores and 1 TB main memory per node, and features a large-scale, high-speed file system paired with Lustre storage from DataDirect Networks and Isilon storage from Dell Technologies. All nodes are connected using NVIDIA Mellanox InfiniBand at 100 Gbps.

Some compute nodes are equipped with NVIDIA A100 GPUs, and others with V100s in order to support GPGPUs under Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). The G4 instance is available to all AXXE-L customers who subscribe to XTREME-D’s Shared and Dedicated plans, which offer AXXE-L in combination with XTREME-D’s bare metal high-speed computing environment. Both plans are offered in a subscription model so that users can take advantage of the latest equipment without purchase pricy state-of-the-art hardware.

The new G4 instance is deployed with AXXE-L One, XTREME-D’s first server product, and is built as a bare metal high-speed computing environment consisting of various nodes, including compute nodes (AXXE-L One for Compute), a management server, and storage, along with a high-speed file system.

AXXE-L One was developed to provide customers with an advanced hardware environment for running HPC /AI workloads using AXXE-L, and forms the backbone of XTREME-D’s Shared and Dedicated access plans. The G4 instance is deployed in a data center operated by XTREME-D’s data center partner MC Digital Realty, Inc., at which the company has built the last three generations of its bare metal high-speed computing environment. With the launch of the G4, XTREME-D and MC Digital Realty will further strengthen their collaboration and promote the latter’s PlatformDIGITAL infrastructure environment.

PlatformDIGITAL was launched to respond rapidly to digital change and meet customers’ changing business needs. “We are very happy that the new G4 instance is up and running. This is the fourth generation of XTREME-D’s computing instance, and it’s clear that XTREME-D, our first colocation customer in Japan, is expanding steadily,” said Futoshi Kimishima, Vice President of Sales at MC Digital Realty, Inc. “In today’s social environment of digital transformation, demand for data centers is expected to increase worldwide. We will continue to strengthen our collaboration with XTREME-D to provide a stable digital infrastructure that supports customers in this social environment.”

“The new G4 instance announced today, deployed on our new server product, AXXE-L One, uses the latest CPUs, interconnects, and file systems.” said Naoki Shibata, Founder and CEO of XTREME-D. “Just like all previous instances, our servers will be installed in MC Digital Realty’s data center, which boasts world-class security and quality, and will provide open access to Digital Realty’s ecosystem of carrier[1]neutral businesses. We will continue to provide our customers with a high quality R&D platform, while deepening our technical collaboration with PlatformDIGITAL.”