Analytical Biosciences Named Finalist in IDC’s Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards

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SAN FRANCISCO – Analytical Biosciences today announced it has been named a finalist in the inaugural IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North America Awards in the Cloud-Centric Computing category. The new awards were designed to highlight companies that demonstrate innovation and excellence in using cloud-centric computing to enable digital infrastructure resiliency, ensure consistent and ubiquitous workload placement and cost optimization across hybrid or multiple clouds, and take full advantage of autonomous operations.

Scientists and bioinformaticians at Analytical Biosciences perform single-cell genomics and bioinformatics to fight cancer and help stop the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. They found that when analyzing large matrices of cell data, up to 58% of their multi-stage analytic pipeline time was attributed to repetitively loading data from storage or executing code with IO-to-storage. With their cell data and modalities of data growing extra-exponentially, Analytical Biosciences looked for a way to accelerate discovery.

According to Professor Zhang Zemin, the founder of Analytical Biosciences, “Single-cell RNA sequencing is one of the key fundamental research methods that drives advances in cancer and COVID-19 research. We are proud to be recognized by IDC for our innovation in advanced single-cell analytics. The Big Memory platform that MemVerge and Intel developed will lead to more efficient ways to gain greater insights and knowledge in disease mechanisms and improve healthcare.”

To overcome the storage bottleneck, Analytical Biosciences pioneered the use of Big Memory Computing in genomic research. Consisting of DRAM, Intel Optane Persistent Memory, and MemVerge Memory Machine software, the Big Memory Computing environment loaded data up to 800x faster, eliminated 97% of IO-to-storage, and slashed overall pipeline time by 61%.

“We were overwhelmed by the number of thoughtful and strategic initiatives submitted and congratulate all the finalists named in our inaugural IDC Future Enterprise Best in Future of Digital Infrastructure North American Awards program,” said Mary Johnston Turner, Research Vice President for the Future of Digital Infrastructure – Agenda research efforts at IDC. “The finalists have effectively used digital infrastructure across on-prem, edge and public cloud platforms to transform their most important business processes and to launch new digital business innovations. They are to be congratulated for their vision and industry leadership!”

“Congratulations to Analytical Biosciences for their well-deserved recognition,” said Charles Fan, CEO of MemVerge. “And thanks to the Analytical Biosciences team for their pioneering spirit and hard work in implementing new Big Memory Computing technology.”