CoolIT Systems Launches High-Density HPC and HCI Servers with Gigabyte

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Calgary, Alberta. September 16, 2021 – CoolIT Systems Inc., a maker of modular, scalable data center liquid cooling technology, has announced a joint product launch with GIGABYTE Technology, maker of high-performance servers and workstations. Two high-density servers, H262-ZL0 and H262-ZL2, will be equipped with direct liquid cooling for CPUs and more from CoolIT Systems. These cooling solutions are a result of the increasing TDP of modern CPUs, including the 280W versions of AMD EPYC 7003 processors. These hyperconverged servers with four nodes will meet the needs of HPC, HCI, in-memory computing, and scientific research.

To support high end CPUs and plenty of flash storage, the H262 liquid cooled servers were conceived and designed to provide stable, high-performance computing via direct liquid cooling. Traditionally, servers like the H262 series had to reduce the number of front bays to provide ample air for 280W CPUs. With a fully populated, 24 drives, H262 server the CPUs are limited to 200W TDP. However, the liquid cooling solution by CoolIT allows for best of both worlds; plenty of fast flash storage and support for demanding workloads. The H262-ZL0 has cold plates for cooling AMD EPYC 7003 processors, whereas the H262-ZL2 cools the EPYC CPUs, memory, and NVIDIA ConnectX-6.

“Our customers have been asking for liquid cooled solutions, and we are grateful to have partnered with CoolIT Systems to deliver efficient cooling. The new high density H262 servers are GIGABYTE’s first wave of servers with direct liquid cooling kits, and have shown impressive performance in our testing,” said Alan Chen, AVP of Network & Communication Business Unit at GIGABYTE. “Incorporating CoolIT Systems’ liquid cooling technology into GIGABYTE H262 severs will ensure high performance and availability, and warranties by GIGABYTE and CoolIT.”

“This collaboration with GIGABYTE allows CoolIT to provide leaders in data center design with cutting edge solutions that combine both high performance and low electricity cooling solutions,” said Brandon Peterson, VP Product at CoolIT Systems. “Liquid cooling has become the new standard for scalable energy efficient data center deployments, and GIGABYTE has done a great job promoting this vision.”

To buy the complete server solution, customers can contact their Sales Rep at GIGABYTE to buy the H262 servers with the direct liquid cooling option pre-installed. For all other direct liquid cooling elements, from CDUs to rack manifolds, please contact the team at CoolIT Systems. The CoolIT and GIGABYTE teams work closely to assist customers and ensure system planning and deployment of H262 liquid cooled servers goes smoothly, every step of the way.