Join insideHPC for HPE Exascale Day Broadcast

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credit: Exascale Computing Project

Exascale Day, today, is a special occasion for HPE, which isn’t surprising considering that the company is the prime contractor for two of the first three exascale systems (Frontier, at Oak Ridge National Laboratory and El Capitan at Lawrence Livermore National Lab) scheduled to be installed in the U.S. and is heavily in a third such system, Aurora, at Argonne National Lab.

In celebration of the onset of exascale, HPE today at 1 pm ET will offer a special broadcast on the theme of “discovering  the power of 18 zeros” (1018), a billion billion calculations per second, a quintillion.

I have the pleasure of taking part in the event, joining a panel discussion on the significance of the exascale milestone and its implications for scientific computing and for industry. The panel also includes HPE’s Head of Advanced AI Solutions & Technologies Arti Garg and the UK’s Science and Technology Facilities Council’s Hartree Centre Director Alison Kennedy.

I also interview HPE General Manager, High Performance Computing (HPC) & Mission Critical Solutions (MCS), Justin Hotard for his POV on exascale.

We hope you’ll join us!