AMD’s Evan Groenke on the New MI200 GPU

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In this interview with AMD’s Senior Product Manager, Datacenter and Embedded Solutions Group, Evan Groenke, he discusses the buzz around the company’s newly announced MI200 data center GPU, which AMD says is the most powerful on the market.

Along with its speeds-and-feeds, Groenke discusses how AMD engineered the new accelerator and looks at the HPC workload solutions – and potential workload solutions – within the chip’s reach.

The MI200, Groenke said, is “designed to power discoveries in exascale systems and enable scientists to tackle some of the more pressing challenges – from climate change to vaccine research… With our MI200 accelerators and our latest ROCm 5.0 software ecosystem, innovators can really tap into the power of the world’s most powerful HPC and AI data center GPUs, and accelerate through time to science and discovery.”