HPE on the Critical Storage Elements for HPC-AI

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Uli Plechschmidt brings extensive knowledge and good cheer to the deep challenges of high performance storage. In this interview, HPE’s worldwide product marketing for HPC storage offers a review course in the storage capabilities required for increasingly complex user environments encompassing HPC and AI.

According to Plechschmidt, HPC-AI demands a mix of storage ingredients that deliver high performance while also controlling costs: a parallel file system utilizing both Flash and hard disk; intelligent software that manages where data is stored and how it’s accessed; and product licensing that accommodates exploding data volumes.

In his comments, Plechschmidt quotes Cray founder Seymour Cray, who said several decades ago: “Everybody can build a fast (processor) , the trick is to build a fast system.” Here, Plechschmidt covers the storage aspect of an advanced HPC-AI system.