Inspur and Samsung Announce Joint Open Storage Solution for OCP

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SAN JOSE, November 9, 2021 – At this week’s OCP Global Summit in San Jose Inspur and Samsung will jointly launch the Poseidon V2 E3.x reference system.  This product adopted composable architecture to maximize the benefits of EDSFF E3.x form factor.  The Poseidon V2 system can accommodate not only the PCIe Gen5 SSDs but also various devices like AI/ML accelerators or CXL Memory Expanders.  Data center users can configure the system according to application’s needs.

“Following the development of the E1.S reference system, we expect that this type of storage solution will become one of the most sought-after and cost-effective storage solutions on the market for leading cloud data center servers and hyperscale companies that operate large data centers,” according to Jongyoul Lee, Executive Vice President of Samsung’s Memory Software Development Team. “We are eager to continue our collaborative work on the E3.S reference system with Inspur to drive further advancements in future server and storage systems.”

“Through our combined vision with Inspur’s general purpose server design and Samsung’s Poseidon, we believe E1.S and E3.x will bring a revolutionary use case that fulfills the need for an efficient high-performance and high-density storage system,” stated Alan Chang, VP of Technical Operation at Inspur Information. “Customers who use general purpose severs as their compute can smoothly transition to Poseidon whose modularized design will reduce redundant engineering and validation across the board. We anticipate even broader usage models and applications with the new Poseidon v2 specification.”