Liqid Expands Infrastructure Composability to GPUs

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Composable infrastructure company Liqid was one of the first entrants in that market segment, and the company has steadily built up its composable capabilities since its founding eight years ago. In this interview with Sumit Puri, Liqid CEO and co-founder, he says it’s all about “moving away from what we call ‘statically configured infrastructure’ to an area where we believe the infrastructure will be dynamically configurable, in order to fulfill that vision of the dynamic data center.”

At SC21, Puri said the company will release a new fabric expansion solution focused on the disaggregation of GPUs, which “are playing a very important part inside the data center as we move to these next generation workloads, like artificial intelligence, machine learning, data inference, high performance storage feeding large amounts of these accelerators. A Gen4 PCIe-based solution, Liqid will have two versions, one holding 10 accelerators and another holding 20 accelerators.