Penguin CEO Sid Mair Talks Origin AI and the Emergence of the ‘AI Infrastructure’

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We sat down with Penguin Computing President and CEO Sid Mair to talk about the interesting year his company — the developer of open, Linux-based solutions for enterprise data centers, HPC and cloud — has had in 2021 and about the latest development in the company’s strategy.

Mair talks about the rapid emergence of the “AI infrastructure,” which he says is a separate entity from the traditional IT infrastructure, with its own, unique requirements and technology deliverables. In support of this phenomenon, Penguin has developed the all-in-one OriginAI platform for data center analytics development, training and inference. It’s designed to free organizations from channeling resources into building an architecture from scratch while accelerating time-to-insight.

He also talks about Penguin’s success this year with major accounts, including its huge Pentagon contract win and success at the upper reaches of the Fortune 100.