SC21: Three HPC Thought Leaders’ Planning Suggestions for the Hybrid Conference

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SC21, the biggest HPC confab of the year, is upon us, and making the most of the hybrid conference calls for good time management. As an assist to both in-person and virtual attendees we spoke with three industry thought leaders – Katie Antypas of NERSC, Earl Joseph of Hyperion Research and Addison Snell of Intersect360 Research – about conference events they think will be noteworthy.

We cover key technologies to be covered by sessions and BOFs; significant HPC market trends (software, storage and cloud HPC in particular); the explosion of HPC+AI; the coming of exascale supercomputing; and the implications of SC21 as a first-time (and, we hope, last-time) hybrid conference – including the fact that some sessions will only be offered on a virtual basis.

We hope you find the conversation helpful.