Tech Enthusiast Mike Scriber Talks What’s New & Next at Supermicro

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For tech enthusiasm, you’d be hard pressed to top Mike Scriber, senior director, Server Solutions Management, at Supermicro. In this interview, he talks about how the “server building block solutions” company, as it describes itself, has done in the HPC market in 2021 as well as what the company is featuring at SC21.
In particular, Scriber is focused on storage and drives technology innovations being incorporate into Supermicro servers. He also delves into new cooling techniques implemented to keep increasingly dense and increasingly hot servers and clusters at safe operating temperatures.

And, finally, Scriber looks ahead to 2022 and the new memory, data interconnect and other technologies Supermicro customers can look for from the company next year.
Visit Supermicro at SC21.