XTREME-D’s Evolving Supercomputing-as-a-Service Strategy

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We sat down with XTREME-D to get an update on the company’s supercomputing-as-service strategy and what the company will be highlighting during SC21.

Speaking on behalf of the company are Daisuke Nagao, Senior Vice President and CTO; Andrei Vakhnin, chief HPC cloud architect; and Dr. David Barkai, technical advisor, about new developments in the company’s product line, including evolution of its AXXE-L platform.

XTREME-D (formerly XTREME-Design) is an award-winning company founded in 2015 to make access to HPC cloud computing easy, fast and economical. XTREME-D’s leadership team has 25 years of experience in HPC and cloud technologies, and the company’s mission is to create an industry-standard platform that enables users to easily and cost-effectively use supercomputers.

The company launched the XTREME-DNA supercomputing-on-demand service in November 2016 on public cloud that highlighted robust UI/UX and cloud management features. More recently, the company launched its own supercomputing-as-a-service platform, AXXE-L by XTREME-D (formerly known as XTREME-Stargate). In this interview, several company leaders update us on its product line, including the addition of SSO to AXXE-L, new data transfer capabilities and service enhancements for enterprise use.