GRC Launches Program for Liquid Immersion Cooling

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AUSTIN, TX – December 13, 2021 – GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), maker of immersion cooling for data centers, announced the launch of its Global Alliance Partnership, designed to enable its partners’ customers to capitalize on the benefits of data center liquid immersion cooling while gaining access to services to support solutions for data centers.

As part of the program, GRC and its global partners will collaborate on immersion cooling technology development for data centers worldwide.  The partners will also sell complete solutions that include both ITE hardware and GRC immersion cooling systems.  In many cases, GRC’s products will enable partners to provide their customers with a 20% savings in server power consumption and up to 90% reduction in cooling energy costs, as well as a reduction in cooling system operation and maintenance expenses. All deployments are backed by a best-in-class, global warranty.

“We’re excited to work with GRC, further enabling solutions that can be deployed in any data center environment,” said Philippe Bernardini, CEO of France-based Néphélé Data Control. “GRC’s liquid immersion cooling solutions will provide our customers with flexible cooling technology for the most demanding compute environments.  Further, due to the technology’s extraordinary energy efficiency, our customers can move closer to their sustainability goals.”

GRC’s Global Alliance Partnership harnesses the expertise and reliability of the biggest names in data center technology to deliver tailor-made, easy to deploy systems globally. When you choose GRC, you can rest assured that, from development through installation and post-sales support, their team of experts are committed to delivering a comprehensive solution designed to meet current and future data center demands.

“By leveraging GRC’s immersion cooling systems, our partners’ customers will be able to seamlessly and quickly deploy high-performance servers virtually anywhere with minimal infrastructure requirements,” said Peter Poulin, Chief Executive Officer, GRC. “End-users can quickly implement changes to their data centers, providing real-time ROI via immediate energy savings, space consolidation, and increased hardware reliability. Additionally, by eliminating costly data center infrastructure such as CRACs and CRAHs, customers can reallocate these savings to new servers, bringing increased agility to their organization.”

Participants of GRC’s Global Alliance Partnership include:

  • Dell Technologies
  • Intel
  • Vertiv
  • Supermicro
  • IBM
  • Schneider Electric
  • AMD
  • Lenovo
  • iXsystems
  • 2CRSi
  • Nvidia
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Total Data Centre Solutions
  • Penguin Computing
  • Néphélé Data Control
  • Submerged Cooling Solutions
  • Forvice
  • E-Smart Systems
  • ASA Computers

While air cooling has been the dominant cooling solution in data centers, there is a point at which air simply does not have the thermal transfer properties required to provide sufficient cooling. This can reduce the performance and reliability of specialized servers and becomes less energy efficient as rack power increases. Liquid immersion cooling leverages the higher thermal transfer to support highly efficient and cost-effective cooling of high-density racks.