@HPCpodcast: Will the Metaverse Hit Next-Big-Thing Status?

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Is the metaverse really real? Sorry – it’s not real, though uber virtual realism is a big part of its promise. But will it be the next phase of the internet, the next big market opportunity in tech, HPC-AI included (as Nvidia asserts)? Ultimately, will it enable us to escape this world and enter a world of our own, personal choosing? Or is it hype — will there even be a market for it?

In this episode of the @HPC podcast, Shahin Khan, technology analyst at OrionX.net and insideHPC editor in chief Doug Black debate the metaverse attaining next-big-thing status, Facebook’s – sorry, Meta’s – possible motives in linking its vision so closely with it and various scenarios and environments (industrial vs. consumer) in which the metaverse could play out.

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