Hyperion Research Announces Enhanced Coverage of China’s HPC Market

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ST. PAUL, Minn., December 21, 2021 – Hyperion Research said that after years of research and relationship-building in China, the company will now report in much greater detail on China’s increasingly important high performance computing (HPC) and advanced AI market. In the past decade, China has risen from a minor HPC player to challenge the U.S. and Europe for global leadership in HPC and related advanced technologies, including AI and quantum computing.

To prepare for enhanced coverage, Hyperion Research officials took the following steps:

  • Made in-person visits and met with officials of 19 of China’s top supercomputing centers
  • Organized three HPC User Forum meetings in China, where Chinese HPC users and vendors discussed their status, progress and plans
  • Arranged for China’s leading HPC vendors, including Inspur, Lenovo and Sugon, to report their HPC server revenue numbers to Hyperion Research on a quarterly basis
  • Conducted many surveys of HPC buyers and users in China

As a result, said Hyperion Research CEO Earl Joseph, starting this quarter the company has added detailed, China-specific data to its HPC QView product and will report the following information about China’s on-premises HPC server market, in the same way that it tracks countries such as Japan:

  • Detailed historical data about HPC systems installed around the world
  • Quarterly installations for China as a whole and by vendor
  • HPC server data by system units, competitive (price-band) segments, processor and accelerator type, cores, nodes, system units, operating systems and vertical markets

For example:

Source: Hyperion Research, 2021

“Hyperion Research will also add the enhanced China coverage to a number of its other existing data reporting structures, such as its HPC forecast data structure, which is separated by 28 countries, global regions and 12 vertical workloads,” Joseph said.