@HPCpodcast: Taiwan under Threat from China – TSMC and the ‘Techno-politics’ of Advanced Chips

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In this week’s episode of the @HPCpodcast, Doug Black and Shahin Khan discuss how global competition around advanced technologies has turned geopolitics into “techno-politics” and techno-nationalism. In HPC, this means chips that drive supercomputers are increasingly regarded as instrumental to economic and military competitiveness. Sparking this discussion is a recently published and widely read academic paper covered last week in insideHPC: “Chip Geopolitics: If China Invades, Make Taiwan ‘Unwantable’ by Destroying TSMC.”

In the paper, two military strategists theorize that China’s threatened invasion across the Taiwan Strait could be stymied by eliminating the Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., the world’s most advanced chip fab company, as an economic prize.

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