Hyperion Research Announces Winners of HPC Innovation Excellence Awards

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Hyperion Research today announced the 17th round of recipients of the HPC Innovation Excellence Award. The award winners are:

  • National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR). Better wildfire models save property and life. Refined fidelity of predictive models, using AI. Contact: Branko Kosovic, Director of the Weather Systems and Assessment Program and the Program Manager for Renewable Energy for the Research Applications
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). “Liquid” machine learning system adapts to changing conditions. New type of neural networks with enhanced interpretability and robustness that learn the true cause and effect of tasks in changing real-world circumstances. Contact: Ramin Hasani, machine learning scientist at MIT CSAIL
  • Utah State University, Sandia National Laboratories, and the Santa Fe Institute. Ancient Australian “superhighways” suggested by massive HPC study. After evaluating more than 125 billion potential migration paths, an HPC simulation identified likely “superhighways” used by the earliest migrants into Australia some 65,000 years ago. Contacts: Prof. Stefani Crabtree, Utah State University and the Santa Fe Institute; and Devin White, R&D Manager for Autonomous Sensing & Perception within the Integrated Military Systems Center at Sandia National Laboratories and the Santa Fe Institute

Since 2011, these semi-annual awards have recognized outstanding achievements around the world that were supported by the use of high performance computing (HPC). Winners have ranged from government and academic research teams to some of the world’s largest corporations. The program’s goals are to showcase HPC-supported, real-world achievements with significant potential for benefiting humanity, achievements that demonstrate the value of HPC for research and development in government, academic or private-sector organizations.

Only a few of many reviewed achievements receive awards. Judges for the awards are the worldwide steering committee of the HPC User Forum, representing leading HPC user organizations in government, academia and industry. A description of the HPC User Forum and list of steering committee members can be found at www.hpcuserforum.com. Award winners receive a $1,000 honorarium and an award certificate and physical trophy recognizing their achievements.

Hyperion Research welcomes award entries from around the world. Entries may be submitted at any time by completing the application form available at https://www.hpcuserforum.com/innovationaward/. New winners will be announced twice a year. Submissions must contain a clear description of the impact of the project. The HPC User Forum Steering Committee performs an initial ranking of submissions, after which domain and vertical experts are called on, as needed, to evaluate the submissions.

HPC Innovation Excellence Award sponsors include Adaptive Computing, Altair, AMD, Ansys, the Boeing Company, Cray, Department of Defense, Department of Energy, Ford Motor Company, HPCwire, insideHPC, IBM, Intel, KAUST, Lenovo, Mellanox, National Science Foundation, NASA, NCSA, Nvidia and Scientific Computing.