Infrastructure is Key to Realizing the Benefits of Government AI Programs

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The federal government is uniquely positioned to leverage massive amounts of data to transform everything from how it operates to supporting mission-critical services and advancing vital research. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is key to that transformation, helping to drive new developments in cybersecurity, healthcare, life sciences, platform sustainment, humanitarian response, and disaster relief. Today, government agencies are investing in AI in areas that impact the everyday life of citizens by improving traffic flows aiding in response to natural disasters and innovating for the future with systems that keep us healthier and more secure.

It’s no surprise, then, that the momentum behind federal government AI programs is expected to increase. The 2021 announcement of a newly formed National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Resource Task Force underscores the commitment to spurring AI innovation with a road map for expanding access to critical resources and educational tools.

But even with the full support of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), the infrastructure necessary to support AI can be challenging and resource-intensive, which can slow the acceleration of AI initiatives. In fact, in an ESG research report, survey respondents identified AI as a significant driver of IT complexity. At the same time, 36% of respondents cited the IT skills shortage, particularly among AI professionals, as creating a risk to starting – and sustaining – AI programs. Data storage, in particular, was identified as the weakest link in the AI infrastructure stack, highlighting the need for a solution that is designed for both power and simplicity to support AI programs at scale.

Agencies building systems with traditional enterprise application functionality are finding that it was not designed to keep pace with the data-hungry, accelerated analytics and workflows of AI. Conventional approaches create complexity, drive up costs, and limit an agency’s ability to scale.

For more than 20+ years, DDN has worked with federal programs in the US and allied countries. Our big data storage solutions provide data management speed and scale they need to thrive. The solution is a turnkey infrastructure that addresses the requirements of AI environments by removing the complexity and uncertainty with a proven combination of industry-leading intelligent storage and GPU technology. By simplifying the selection, configuration, purchase, and deployment of AI infrastructure with reference architectures, DDN and NVIDIA can immediately boost AI application performance while eliminating the management complexity and poor performance that can stall AI programs. In addition, production- proven reference architectures make the rollout of AI initiatives easier – and faster – so operational AI services can be implemented in weeks, not months or years.

Explore the critical criteria for AI success and results of the ESG research survey. Learn how DDN and NVIDIA are helping government agencies develop AI programs faster and more cost effectively – with fewer issues. Talk to our federal solution experts to empower your government agency with a true competitive advantage.