@HPCpodcast Special Edition: HPC/AI-Powered Geopolitcal Cyberwar and Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine

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The Russian invasion of Ukraine may involve a heavy measure of cyberwar, a new and shrouded form of espionage and sabotage with potentially devastating impacts. Here we offer a special edition of the @HPCpodcast to discuss the role of “geopolitical cyberwar” — nation-state cyber strategies driven by combinations of HPC and AI, and the relative sophistication of the Russians vs. the U.S. and western Europe.

Our guest: Richard Stiennon (his Google Books profile), he is a cyber security industry analyst and author who was formerly of Gartner’s IT Security Research Practice and a Forbes columnist. Stiennon told us he is surprised by the limited role of cyber as of day five of the Russian invasion, he discusses the possible reasons for this along with cyber techniques that may be in play in Ukraine and strategies that may be adopted as the war unfolds. Stiennon also asserts that the U.S. and its western allies probably have a decided cyber advantage as it develops countermeasures against Putin.

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