Arcitecta Wins Data Management Awards at Supercomputing Asia 2022

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MELBOURNE and SINGAPORE – March 2, 2022 – Big data software company Arcitecta today announced that Mediaflux, its end-to-end data management platform, has been awarded the “Most Complete Solution” and “Best Software Architecture” by the International Data Mover Challenge (DMC) at this week’s Supercomputing Asia 2022 (SCA22) event.
Arcitecta was also recognized for its pioneering work in accelerating high-speed data transfer across global networks, enabling the transfer of data between two or more global destinations in parallel at the speed of light.
Built on Arcitecta’s world-class hyperscale database technology, Mediaflux is an open platform with tight security and access controls driven through a simple API that delivers significant workflow efficiencies using a single system to manage the transmission pipeline, including storage management at each end. Ideal for distributed computing and storage environments, the Mediaflux end-to-end data management platform supports any type of data, structured or unstructured, in addition to unlimited data workflows in some of the world’s most demanding environments.
“The amount of data transmitted around the globe has grown exponentially over the past 30 years, as well as the amount of data produced,” said Jason Lohrey, chief technology officer of Arcitecta. “The annual International DMC represents an opportunity to identify applications that can push the limits of what is currently possible to benefit crucial research endeavors in life sciences and other industries that acquire and transfer vast amounts of data. We’re extremely pleased to have received the DMC awards in recognition of what Arcitecta has been able to accomplish through extensive years of experience in developing world-class data management platforms.”
Mediaflux leverages the power of metadata to provide a complete view of an organizations’ disparate data and ensures that it is being captured and relayed – accurately and at the right time. Unlike other solutions, Mediaflux is an all-in-one data asset management system with high-performance data movement capabilities and a global file system to accelerate business outcomes and value.
Andrew Howard, chief judge of the DMC and associate director of cloud services at the National Computational Infrastructure (NCI), said “One of the major differentiators of Mediaflux was that it is a solution that not only tested the engineering of the network but can make fundamental changes and experiment on the fly at the network stack level, proving its capabilities regardless of the underlying technologies.”
The International DMC is an annual competition that aims to bring together experts from industry and academia to test software and solutions for transferring huge amounts of research data. The annual DMC provides an opportunity to identify world-leading applications that can adapt to upcoming technologies and push the limits of what is currently possible on that underlying capability. The competition is essential for preparing the next generation of IT groups to maintain the global community’s crucial national research and education networks. It challenges international teams to develop the most advanced and innovative solutions for data transfer across servers located in various countries connected by 100Gbps international research and education networks.
The International DMC competition is a key event of the SupercomputingAsia (SCA) conference series. Co-organized by the HPC Centres from Australia, Japan and Singapore, SCA is an annual international conference that encompasses an umbrella of notable supercomputing events with the key objective of promoting a vibrant and relevant HPC ecosystem in Asia.