GIGABYTE Announces Servers with AMD EPYC Processors for the Data Center

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March 21st 2022 – GIGABYTE Technology, (TWSE: 2376), a maker of high-performance servers and workstations, today announced enterprise products to support the launch of AMD EPYC 7003 Series processors with AMD 3D V-Cache technology, and to announce four new products extending GIGABYTE’s enterprise product portfolio. In addition to the GIGABYTE enterprise products already validated for the new AMD processors, there are also some new products: MZ72-HB2, R162-ZA2, S472-Z30, and E152-ZE1.

One of the benefits of GIGABYTE enterprise products, and what makes their penetration span the globe, is the depth of servers to support the latest chip advancements that enhance workloads that focus on HPC, AI, storage, or 5G/edge applications. As new technology rolls out, whether it be a processor or a baseboard management controller (BMC), GIGABYTE will offer solutions to all.

Today marks the debut of the new world’s highest-performing x86 server processors with 3X the L3 cache for breakthrough, per-core performance in technical computing, such as Computational Fluid Dynamics, Electronic Design Automation, and Finite Element Analysis. In addition to the increase in L3 cache, these new processors continue to deliver low latency and high throughput for accelerators like the AMD Instinct MI200 Series or all-flash Gen4 drives. The new product stack will have SKUs for 16, 24, 32, and 64 core processors, and all of them have 768MB of L3 cache.

GIGABYTE’s ongoing collaborations with all major technical partners allow for products to come to the market at the time of new product releases. For this AMD release, GIGABYTE has over 20 enterprise products that have already been validated today to support AMD EPYC 7003 processors with AMD 3D V-cache technology, and testing will continue to offer diverse platform choices.

MZ72-HB2: Featuring dual sockets for AMD EPYC 7003 processors with AMD 3D V-cache or standard AMD EPYC 7003 processors, the standalone motherboard, MZ72-HB2, also incorporates the new generation of BMC, ASPEED AST2600.

S472-Z30: Delivering next level options for mixed storage protocols and form factors, the new storage server has 2.5” drives in the front and rear, and to the sides are 3.5” drives. Supports a single AMD EPYC 7003 processor with and without AMD 3D V-cache.

E152-ZE1: Swapping for a larger capacity power supply and adding redundancy, the new 5G/edge server supports up to a single AMD EPYC 7003 Processor with a 240W TDP and adds the new ASPEED AST2600.

R162-ZA2: Delivering a storage dense 1U server with up to twelve drive bays for a mix of NVMe and SATA SSDs, the R162-ZA2 can conditionally support a single AMD EPYC 7003 processor up to 280W.

“Our customers have always been an important driving force in our development of application-optimized solutions, and we keep a keen ear to the ground to deliver ones for each particular niche no matter whether a customer wants high performance and low latency in edge applications or all-flash storage for PCIe Gen4 devices with AMD EPYC processors,” said Alan Chen, assistant vice president, GIGABYTE Network Communications and Business Unit. “The new AMD EPYC processors with AMD V-Cache technology falls into this discussion. Clearly there are major benefits for some of our clients and we will support them across our platform in the coming weeks.”

“We designed the 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors with AMD 3D V-Cache technology to give our customers exactly what they said they needed, increased performance, better energy efficiency and lower total cost of ownership for critical technical compute workloads,” said Ram Peddibhotla, corporate vice president, EPYC product management, AMD. “With leadership architecture, performance, and modern security features, 3rd Gen AMD EPYC processors with AMD 3D V-Cache technology are an outstanding choice for complex simulations and rapid product development.”