HPC Open Source Container Company Sylabs Appoints Adam Hughes CTO

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Reno, NV – March 23, 2022 – Sylabs, the global leader in providing tools and services for performance-intensive container runtime technology, today announced that it has appointed Adam Hughes to the position of Chief Technology Officer. Hughes will lead Sylab’s technology strategy and relevant roadmaps as the company advances its mission to provide the most advanced open source container runtime technology for high performance applications providing licensing, enterprise-level support, and value-added tooling to build, share, and secure application containers.
Sylabs has a vision for helping researchers and engineers who are interacting with highly technical workflows, making their lives easier as they accomplish their important work,” said Jason Tuschen, CEO of Sylabs. “Adam has been a strong core contributor to Singularity going on five years now. His knowledge of Singularity combined with his proficiency as an architect of cloud services and expertise in security makes him a natural choice as the Sylabs CTO, supporting the value of Singularity and its ecosystem. As we focus on building and utilizing Singularity, both through the community edition and through Sylabs’ enterprise-supported and professional implementations, there’s no better steward to spearhead development and lead the community. Adam has a clear vision for how this open source technology can be used to better the lives of those working in performance-intensive computing environments, and the people that they touch.”
“Turning complex challenges into simple, practically mundane tasks, is something that has always been a motivator,” said Adam Hughes on his appointment as Sylabs CTO. “The idea of making people’s work and lives easier through the development of sophisticated but elegant systems really strikes at the core of what engineers do – and it’s what we’ve been doing as a community with Singularity. It’s easy to get lost in the code, but it’s important to remember that our work serves as part of the global software ecosystem that is advancing key areas of human life. The researchers and engineers who are using our tools are doing it as they work on some of the most complex challenges in science and technology. I’m proud to be part of Sylabs, the tip of the spear in the development of container science for technical workflows.”
Hughes brings 17 years of professional experience as a software engineer with a focus on performance and code quality, and deep knowledge of operating system internals, including debugging user and kernel code for Windows, Linux, and VxWorks operating systems. Before joining Sylabs, Hughes worked as a software systems analyst for the Government of Canada where he was a specialist in real-time operating systems, carrier-grade telecommunications systems, and large-scale distributed systems. A long-time advocate of open source software, Hughes became a core contributor to Singularity in 2018, with a focus on security and the integration of cloud services that ease some of the pain points of containerization in performance-intensive enterprise environments.