@HPCpodcast: Dan Reed on the Challenges to U.S. Global Supercomputing Competitiveness

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In a recently published paper, “Reinventing High Performance Computing: Challenges and Opportunities,” Dan Reed, Dennis Gannon of Indiana University and the University of Tennessee’s Jack Dongarra, three HPC luminaries, have started an important discussion about the future of HPC and its impact on American competitiveness. In this episode of the @HPCpodcast, we talk with Reed (Presidential Professor of Computational Science and Professor of Computer Science and Electrical & Computer Engineering at the University of Utah), author of a blog that takes up many of the same themes of the longer paper, focusing on the challenges facing the United States as it strives to compete globally in high-end supercomputing.

Among the issues we discuss: talent development and educational competitiveness feeding the HPC industry; the path forward as the cost of innovation becomes increasingly costly — costs that have forced some countries out of the supercomputing market; and how the locus of financial control and innovation has shifted  toward the big public cloud vendors, which are driving revenue to scale and have market capitalizations that dwarf the traditional semiconductor and computer vendors.

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