GRC Releases Guide on Liquid Immersion Cooling for Data Center Sustainability

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AUSTIN, TX – April 21, 2022 –– GRC (Green Revolution Cooling), the leader in immersion cooling for data centers, has released a special report on sustainability in data centers. The report, titled “Liquid Immersion Cooling Reduces Power Use and Drives Sustainability Efforts in Data Centers,” describes the role cooling plays in energy use and can play in leading sustainability efforts.

Powering traditional cooling infrastructure accounts for upwards of 40% of total data center energy consumption, and because 60% of the world’s electricity is still generated using fossil fuels, few data centers are truly sustainable. Even with heightened awareness of this sustainability issue, the industry hasn’t been able to move the needle in improving power usage effectiveness (PUE), which has hovered
around 1.6 for almost a decade.

This white paper details the challenges of attaining sustainable power use in data centers utilizing legacy technologies, and demonstrates the benefits of liquid immersion cooling in overcoming these hurdles. With three quarters of data center operators focused on sustainability as a competitive differentiator, GRC outlines a path forward, allowing them to continue increasing compute resources, while also empowering
them to positively impact their carbon footprint. Reducing the power needed for cooling not only contributes to more environmentally responsible operations, but also decreases operating costs.

“This white paper demonstrates the opportunity for data center operators to design an integrated ecosystem that enables them to more easily implement liquid immersion cooling,” said Peter Poulin, CEO at GRC. “We know how immersion cooling improves energy use and decreases costs, permitting data centers to operate with more sensitivity to environmental concerns.”