Japanese Custom ASICS Company MegaChips to Enter US Market

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San Jose – April 26, 2022 – MegaChips, a custom ASIC company in Japan, today announced the launch of its AI Partner Program, which allows companies to integrate powerful AI capabilities without requiring in-house AI experts, allowing vendors to focus on their key strengths and ensuring top quality for the final product.

The AI Partner Program marks the entry of MegaChips into the global Edge AI chips market, which was valued at $9 billion in 2020, and is projected to reach $59.6 billion by 2030 – an average growth rate of 21.2%.

“The AI chip industry is going through many changes, including a pivot from a saturated data center market to emerging use cases for integrated processors, such as the ones you’d find in smart devices”, asserts Adrien Sanchez, Technology & Market Analyst, Computing at Yole Développement (Yole). “Edge AI chips benefit companies by allowing them to analyze data from connected devices without sending massive amounts of data into the cloud, which often results in massive costs and potential security risks.” (1)

For systems companies, some benefits of the MegaChips AI Partner Program include a dedicated team of engineers that work collaboratively with customers to identify the best ways to implement desired AI functionalities, custom “proof of concept” demonstrations, and optimization strategy in context of a complete system. For IP and ASSP vendors, MegaChips eliminates the need for hiring in-house back-end chip implementation teams.

MegaChips is also announcing its expansion into the U.S. market after extensive success in Japan. MegaChips is now delivering its full-service ASIC solution in the U.S. and offering off-the-shelf access to industry-standard IP components and secure, inhouse design services along with full manufacturing support.

“MegaChips is thrilled to offer the most turn-key solution for enterprise companies looking to implement AI technology,” said Douglas Fairbairn, Director of Business Development. “The expansion to the United States is an excellent opportunity for us to bring our edge AI expertise to some of the most innovative technology companies. Be it sensing, voice and image recognition, or other applications, MegaChips is the first and best choice for implementing Edge AI from ideation to silicon.”

About MegaChips LSI USA Corp
MegaChips is one of the world’s leading custom ASIC providers for consumer, telecom/network, industrial and automotive applications. Headquartered in Japan, with offices in Silicon Valley and Taiwan, Megachips has over 30 years in business and has successfully completed morethan 1,500 ASIC projects. MegaChips operates as an extension of our customers’ design teams, to provide a whole solution from concept-to-silicon and has recently expanded to address the growing global demand for embedded AI solutions. With a strong emphasis on cost effectiveness, delivery schedule, and product quality, MegaChips is ISO9001 certified and ensures the highest levels of intellectual property security.