At ISC: Panasas Spotlights New Products for High Performance HPC/AI and Enterprise Storage

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At ISC 2022, we caught up with Panasas Chief Operating Officer Brian Peterson, who caught us up on the high performance storage company’s latest product and market developments.

Peterson, who joined Panasas last November, said today’s key trend in the high-performance storage category is that, while it has traditionally been dominated by the high-end enterprise and traditional HPC segments, now there’s a blending of the two along with an infusion of AI and machine learning. On the product side, Peterson said the company last month added all-flash and massive-capacity data solutions to its ActiveStor Flash and Ultra XL portfolio, designed to drive performance in AI/ML training, simulation, analytics and large-scale data environments.

Bigger picture, the company has continued a six-year-plus re-architecting of its parallel file system, enabling it to run on a range of platforms, including in the cloud, at the edge and with a variety of OEMs’ hardware. Panasas also is on a mission to simplify data management and administration of at-scale data environments. “Customers don’t need to worry where they put large and small files,” Peterson said, “Panasas products do that for them.”