It’s a Wrap! We’ll See You at ISC Next Year

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After attending ISC, it’s safe to say that no remote conferencing or communication technology can ever replace the experience of face-to-face human interaction.  It was fantastic to engage directly with our customers and partners, sharing new platform developments and intriguing customer stories.  It is truly inspiring to hear about some of the new initiatives aimed to conquer challenges that seemed insurmountable in previous years.

ISC was also a fantastic opportunity to showcase some of the amazing things possible from the AMD and Microsoft partnership.  Working closely together to accelerate onboarding of brand-new hardware to Azure that offer never-before capabilities in the cloud, this strategic partnership has established Azure’s leadership as the world’s supercomputer performing in line with on-premises HPC centers.  Just in case you missed out, here’s a quick recap of the highlights of Microsoft and AMD at ISC.

Partner Showings @ the Exhibit Hall

Microsoft had our usual presence in the Exhibit Hall.  Our booth this year was 20’ x 20’ and included two separate demo kiosks and a full Presentation Theater. Throughout the conference, attendees could here from several joint partners like Rescale and Ubercloud.





Bret Rohloff’s future vision powered by EPYC™ on Azure

It was an honor to host Bret Rohloff, Senior HPC Specialist for AMD, in the Microsoft Theater for two iterations of his “Azure on EPYC: Powering the Future of HPC” presentation.  Learning how EPYC on Azure creates the perfect blend of performance and flexibility will inspire and motivate those still on the fence about moving their on-premises HPC workloads to Azure.

Meet The Experts @ the AMD Booth

Daniele Rispoli, Global Back Belt for Azure HPC+AI, participated in a Meet The Experts panel at the AMD booth.  During this session, Daniele fielded questions from the audience about anything related to the HBv3 VMs on Azure, recently update with the latest Milan-X processor from AMD.

New product announcement

The recently released Azure HBv3 VM Series has now been upgraded with the Milan-X CPU from AMD, offering AMD 3D V-Cache™ technology to Azure users for the first time.  These CPUs provide significant performance improvements, scaling efficiency, and cost-effectiveness of a variety of memory performance-bound HPC workloads. View the announcement to learn more.

AMD + MSFT Social Event @ VLET Kitchen School

Working together, AMD and Microsoft jointly co-hosted a unique, first-of-its-kind social event at the local VLET Kitchen School in Hamburg.  The event consisted of an initial reception followed by a cooking demonstration of a stunning four-course meal that attendees could watch being made before the thrill of tasting.

Industry blogs

A detailed, pre-show blog was released in Microsoft’s Tech Community prior to the event to help potential attendees learn what’s in store for them.  Other related blogs, like the HBv3 benchmark performance and the more recent announcement of support for 3rd Gen AMD EPYC™ processors with AMD 3D V-cache on Azure, were referenced throughout the promotional material to provide as much cross promotional support as possible. Read the blog here.

Thank you to everyone that was able to join us at ISC22!  To those that could not make it, we look forward to meeting you at future events.  Keep innovating and we hope to see you next year!