@HPCpodcast: A Look at HPC Marketing Strategies with Mike Bernhardt — It’s More Than Speeds-and-Feeds

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Because HPC is barrier-pushing technology it’s understandable that HPC marketers often focus their messaging on speeds-and-feeds. But Mike Bernhardt, one of the most recognized names in supercomputing strategic marketing and communications, argues that an over-emphasis on this can be a big, if natural, mistake. Yes, speeds-and-feeds is important, but there are other critical aspects of corporate and product positioning that also need attention if organizations are to attract and retain not only customers but also employees, investors, business partners and the good opinion of government regulators, among other audiences.

Bernhardt knows of which he speaks. He has more than 35 years of experience in the HPC industry, including serving in the 1990s as director of market relations and communications for Intel’s Supercomputer Systems Division before forming an independent strategic marketing firm, The Bernhardt Agency, focused on HPC. In 2016 he became the communications lead for the US Department of Energy’s Exascale Computing Project. He also is a member of the SC Perennials, a group recognized for having attended every SC conference since its founding in 1988.

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