@HPCpodcast: US Pressures ASML on Exports to China; US vs China Exascale; HPC Software

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Following recent reports that Dutch chip manufacturing equipment maker ASML is under diplomatic pressure from the U.S. to regulate the export of its fabrication equipment  to China, we discuss market data, other suppliers of fab equipment, and a quick view of some of ASML’s own suppliers. ASML, the world’s only maker of extreme ultraviolet lithography systems, does not export to China EUV equipment instrumental to making the world’s most advanced chips used in HPC systems; it is the company’s older equipment, DUV (deep ultraviolet lithography)  systems, that the US is trying to block from the China market.

Also covered are the differences between the approach to Exascale in China and the US based on recent research by HPC analyst firm Hyperion Research. We end the episode by setting up the vast universe that is the modern HPC software stack as we prepare to cover this aspect of the industry systematically over several episodes. We welcome suggestions for guests who can shed light on the state of software in specific layers.

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  1. The EUC technology in the U.S. was developed by a consortium of national labs (Livermore, Berkeley, Sandia) in collaboration with Intel. AMD, and Motorola, see https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0167931799000076
    IAS we finally may see the CHIPS Act being passed, it is important to keep in mind the historical role of the national labs in advancing semiconductor technology. Again, thank you for a great podcast on important issues. I suggest that you discuss the CHIPS Act in one of your future podcasts.