Signal AI: External Intelligence Graph for Unstructured Data 

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New York and London, 12th July 2022 — Signal AI has announced the launch of its External Intelligence Graph, designed to deliver “a comprehensive view of an organization’s external world built on real-time data and content,” the company said.

Signal AI said the External Intelligence Graph maps the relationships between the things a modern organization needs to care about, like climate change, supply chain risk or competitor intelligence, and highlights how an organization is “associated” to them. “This entirely new kind of data, making sense of the huge amounts of unstructured content now available, can show how relationships  are changing, and also offers up “unknown unknowns” surfacing new, and previously unlinked, connections to an organization or individual,” according to Signal AI.

Signal AI Chief Product Officer Clancy Childs said, “In part due to the rise of stakeholder capitalism and ESG focus, businesses are increasingly affected by the actions and behaviors of the people and organizations in the world outside of the company walls. The amount of external, unstructured data that now must be considered in modern decision making is daunting. With our AI technology working at scale, we provide the external intelligence to help businesses cut through the noise and understand the topics and events that are affecting them both directly and indirectly. It’s truly a game changer for business decision making and organizations operating at scale.”

The External Intelligence Graph can now, for example, help chief risk officers understand and quantify threats by providing a risk radar, trained to understand the organization’s external ecosystem.  It can help chief communications officers understand how their organization is perceived in the market, which topics they and their competitors are most associated with, and quantify previously “unmeasurable” concepts such as their overall reputation and trust. It can also help investment managers understand which potential investments may carry reputational or organizational risk impacting the performance of the investment.

Signal AI said it serves more than 40 percent of the Fortune 500 “and this latest capability has already been taken up by some of the world’s largest companies and governments.”