Women in HPC Seeks to Fill Chair Vacancy

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July 25, 2022 — Women in HPC announced today it is recruiting for a new chair. The organization said this is a volunteer, remote, part-time leadership opportunity for a three-year term. WHPC encourages sharing of this information with others who may be suitable for the role.

To apply, email a cover letter and resume to info@whpc.org by Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2022 by 5 pm wherever you are in the world. Applicants can expect several Zoom interviews with a decision made in October or November. You may also use the above email address to ask questions or propose others who you think may be suitable or interested.

The WHPC chair role is a voluntary position which requires enthusiasm for the WHPC mission and a willingness and capacity to serve as a role model and mentor. The ideal candidate for the WHPC Chair will be able to commit around 25 hours per month to the organisation and have the flexibility to travel (worldwide, funded completely by WHPC) to represent WHPC at conferences such as ISC and SC. The candidate must have a robust background related to HPC, its use, development, management, user support, or advocacy, and should have built visibility in the community.

The chair’s role is also described, in specific terms in the Women In HPC Terms of Reference (c.f., Clause 34, Responsibilities of the Chair and  Clause 49, General Responsibilities).  First appointment is for 3 years.

WHPC said the chair guides the initiative towards achieving its mission to promote, build, and leverage a diverse and inclusive HPC workforce by enabling and energising those in the HPC community to increase the participation of women and highlight their contribution to the success of supercomputing. Also, to ensure that women are treated fairly and have equal opportunities to succeed in their chosen HPC career, and to ensure understanding of the benefits of promoting and achieving inclusivity.

“The WHPC chair is a highly impactful and globally visible role, as an ambassador and leader for the organisation,” WHPC said.

The chair works closely with the WHPC Executive Board and the WHPC Steering Committees (as described on the WHPC website – https://womeninhpc.org/about-us).

The Steering Committee provides recommendations for strategy and policies. The Executive Board (including Director of Chapters, Director of Communications and Outreach, Director of Research, Treasurer and General Secretary) – accompanied by a vibrant volunteer programme – provides significant support to the WHPC chair for operations and business development, allowing the WHPC chair to focus on strategy setting and leadership.