HPC Analyst Firm Hyperion Research Expands Survey Team

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ST PAUL, Minn., August 2, 2022— HPC and AI industry analyst firm Hyperion Research announced the addition of Cary Sudan as the organization’s new principal survey specialist.

Hyperion Research continutes to expand our support team in response to our steady growth of new clients and new projects,” said Earl Joseph, Hyperion Research CEO. “We are thrilled to have Cary Sudan join us in the position of Principal Survey Specialist. The depth and quality of our many market surveys is a core strength of what we offer to a wide range of clients. Cary brings a wealth of experience in this
critically important area to our team.”

“Cary has consistently been an instrumental foundation for some of our most complex and compelling survey efforts,” added Bob Sorensen, Senior Vice President of Research and Chief Analyst for Quantum Computing at Hyperion Research. “His ability to locate and access the precise respondents needed across the targeted geographic regions and academic, commercial, or government sectors, as well those
possessing the appropriate technical or scientific expertise has reliably provided the necessary rigor and completeness key to supporting our analysis. Cary will be a welcome addition to the Hyperion Research analytical team, who will certainly continue, if not improve, that process going forward.”

“Cary Sudan has been a valued partner for many years, working closely with the Hyperion Research analyst team in conducting surveys of the HPC ecosystem,” said Alex Norton, Research Director for Hyperion Research. “His addition to the team will incorporate further expertise in survey creation and deployment into the operation of Hyperion Research’s custom studies and on-going analysis of the HPC

Sudan specializes in data collection and analysis of IT-centric, HPC, AI and QC market research. His background is in application development, networking and information security. His new role is key to Hyperion Research survey design and databases, as well as data analysis and presentation. He worked as the IT Manager as well as HPC Research Manager with Market Data Group for over 15 years. During those years, Mr. Sudan assisted Hyperion Research in market studies, helping expand international surveys, including China. His bachelor’s degree is in Information Systems Security.