BRV China-backed HPC-AI Tech Completes $6M Seed and Angel Round Financing 

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BEIJING, Sept. 14, 2022 — HPC-AI Tech, an artificial intelligence high-performance optimization platform, recently closed $6 million seed and angel rounds with BlueRun Ventures China (BRV China) acting as the lead investor for the angel round. The funds, which were raised within a year, will be mainly used to bring in more talented teams and expand the business market.

Founded in Beijing in 2021, HPC-AI Tech has established an overseas R&D center in Singapore and is focused on the enterprise AI market. Based on its deep experience and achievements in the industry, it has established Colossal-AI, an integrated large-scale model training system with efficient parallelization techniques. The system can accelerate model training on distributed systems with multiple GPUs by applying parallelization techniques. Colossal-AI efficiently promotes the application of large AI models on the ground and helps enterprises achieve low-cost AI intelligent solutions.

The Colossal-AI system, which has been open source for only a short time, has already received around 5,000 GitHub Stars, and been on the world’s top GitHub Hotlist many times, with users all over the world. It has already established cooperation with a large number of well-known manufacturers and open source communities, covering the fields of autonomous driving, cloud computing, biotech, chip design, smart retail, etc.

Recently, HPC-AI Technology joined hands with BRV China’s portfolio company BioMap, a startup biotech company, by creating the xTrimo Multimer open-source model to solve the difficulties of monomer and multimer structure prediction. The collaboration, an example of integration of technological innovation and vertical industries, shows how AI can help to accelerate the research and development of drugs.