@HPCpodcast: Hot Chips Conference, UCIe, 3D Packaging, CXL and a Revival of Moore’s Law?

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This week’s episode takes a look at emerging technologies driving new chip design and performance, which is to say many of the topics highlighted at the recent Hot Chips conference. Shahin and Doug talk about UCIe and why it could cause an industry ripple effect, the potential rebirth of Moore’s law and 3D packaging, silicon photonics, inference in the device or in the data center, silicon for the edge, CXL, and code generation.

This is followed by an update on quantum computing, discussing two important new papers on quantum machine learning and unstructured NP-complete problems. The field remains in its infancy, quantum remains various years away (depending on who you to talk to), all the while people in the field are making progress taking on different aspects of the quantum puzzle.

And we end with a review of the ribbon cutting ceremonies for the Frontier exascale system, including a recap of Doug’s conversation with Lisa Su of AMD. Join us.

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