Supermicro Extends Server Solutions to Include OCP Technologies

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SAN JOSEOct. 18, 2022 — Supermicro (NASDAQ: SMCI), a solution provider for cloud, AI/ML, storage, and 5G/edge, announced expanded adoption of open hardware and open source technologies into the Supermicro server portfolio. The company said these open technologies are designed to unlock innovation across a broad developer and supplier ecosystem and reduce proprietary lock-in.

Supermicro continues its commitment to deliver best-of-breed solutions like our 8U 8-GPU AI training system while integrating key open technologies that unlock innovation and flexibility for our customers,” stated Charles Liang, president, and CEO, of Supermicro. “The solutions are designed to support the best-in-class features, including Intel, AMD or ARM, CPUs up to 400W,  up to 700W GPUs, and 400 Gbps networking while supporting open technologies like OpenBMC and Open BIOS providing open systems that deliver superior performance, efficiency, and TCO.”

The new and upcoming 8U 8-GPU Rack Optimized Systems delivers superior power and thermal capabilities for large-scale AI Training and includes a host of open technologies. This system incorporates an OAM universal baseboard design for the GPU complex with support for an open, OCP ORV2-compliant DC-powered rack bus bar and OCP 3.0-compliant AIOM cards. These open technologies enable future flexibility for multiple servers and GPU options and allow the system to be more efficient, with reliable power delivery and additional cooling. The 8U 8-GPU System supports NVIDIA’s latest H100 GPUs and provides best-in-class performance with support for up to 400W CPUs and 700W GPUs, up to 8TB of memory with 32 DIMMs of DDR4 memory, and future support for DDR5, up to 6 NVMe All-Flash SSDs and up to 10 dedicated I/O modules. In addition, Supermicro offers an open standard 5U 10-GPU server that is ideal for NVIDIA Omniverse applications.

Supermicro also expanded the use of OCP 3.0 compliant Advanced IO module (AIOM) cards, which will provide up to 400 Gbps bandwidth based on PCI-E 5.0. The Open I/O modules are supported on the 8U Universal GPU System, 1U Cloud DC with dual AIOM expansion slots, 2U Hyper and GrandTwin systems featuring next-gen CPUs, and AIOM expansion slots.

In addition to the new hardware offerings, Supermicro will offer OpenBMC and Open BIOS (OCP OSF) software solutions for the next generation of Intel, AMD, and ARM-based systems. The Linux Foundation-based OpenBMC implementation enables developers to include new features, extend the existing implementation, and provides the full functionality of base code, including IPMI 2.0, WebUI, iKVM/SOL, SEL, SSH, and Redfish.

The new OCP-compliant servers will be demonstrated in the Supermicro booth (C9) at the 2022 OCP Global Summit. Showcased products will include a range of high-performance multi-GPU systems featuring OAM universal baseboards supporting a range of industry-standard form factors, as well as rackmount and multi-node architectures with OCP 3.0 compliant AIOM expansion slots, including:

  • 8U Universal GPU System optimized for ORV2 racks featuring the NVIDIA HGX A100 8-GPU
  • 5U Universal GPU System with up to 10 GPUs
  • 4U Universal GPU System supporting 4-GPU OAM baseboards
  • 2U Hyper and GrandTwin™ systems featuring next-gen CPUs and AIOM expansion slots
  • 1U Cloud DC with dual AIOM expansion slots
  • 2U 1P ARM Server supporting OpenBMC featuring Ampere® Altra® Series Processors with up to 128 core 3.0GHz

To attend the 2022 OCP Global Summit, visit

In addition, a demonstration of the Open BIOS (OCP OSF) software will be shown in the OCP Experience Center at the OCP Global Summit.