At SC22: Atos Updates on the BullSequana XH/3000, Nimbix Cloud Supercomputing Suite and Quantum

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At SC22, we caught up with Emmanuel LeRoux, Atos Group SVP and Head of HPC & Quantum for updates on several fronts:

LeRoux told us Atos now has its highest number — 43 — of systems in the TOP500 list of the world’s most powerful supercomputers, including the new no. 4 system, Leonardo, installed at Italy’s Cineca supercomputing center. He noted that the system was deployed in only six weeks and that only 65 percent of the system is currently operational — yet it made quite a TOP500 splash nonetheless.

LeRoux also provided details on Atos’ new BullSequana XH/3000 supercomputer, including that 98 percent of its components are water cooled and that it supports a variety of processor archtectures for architectures for heterogeneity .

As for the Nimbix Supercomputing Suite introduced by Atos at the ISC conference last spring, LeRoux discussed the suite’s ability to deliver public and private cloud instances or a combination of both, depending on job requirements.

Lastly, LeRoux talked about Atos progress in quantum computing, enabling users to run test applications as though they were being run on a large quantum machine, along with Atos’ recently announced quantum partnership with IQM.