AliroNet Chosen as the Network Controller for EPB Quantum Network powered by Qubitekk

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BOSTON and CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. — February 28, 2022 — Quantum networking company Aliro Quantum today announced that its AliroNet solution has been selected to provide the quantum network controller for the recently announced EPB Quantum Network powered by Qubitekk. AliroNet will provide the user interface to EPB Quantum

Network customers enabling end-users to define, validate, schedule, run and control EPB Quantum Network services. All user data and telemetry will be securely gathered and stored to safeguard intellectual property.

“EPB Quantum Network will support the commercialization of quantum industry innovations and position Chattanooga for new economic, employment and technological developments,” said David Wade, EPB president and CEO. “AliroNet will provide an essential component of the network by enabling the seamless and reliable configuration, management and control to advance the acceleration of commercial quantum technologies.”

AliroNet will also provide the network operator’s interface, which will allow EPB operators to manage and monitor the physical quantum network infrastructure. EPB operators will be able to define and manage quantum services offered to EPB Quantum Network customers and end-users.

Quantum networks require sophisticated control, management, and orchestration software to operate seamlessly and at optimum capacity,” said Jim Ricotta, CEO and Chairman of Aliro Quantum. “AliroNet will provide comprehensive quantum network control software for the end-to-end system.”

On the backend, AliroNet will be responsible for managing and scheduling access to the pooled quantum hardware resources, routing traffic across the quantum network, and executing the end-user service workflows.

Quantum product developers must be able to depend on reliable, predictable technology to ensure their developments will succeed when they go to market,” said Dr. Duncan Earl, Qubitekk co-founder, president and CTO. “AliroNet software along with Qubitekk hardware and integration will provide a consistent, dependable solution to help EPB Quantum Network clients integrate to the network.”

“EPB is a national leader in deploying cutting edge fiber optic technology and with Qubitekk continues to operate on the frontier of possibilities,” said Dr. Prineha Narang, founder and CTO with Aliro. “EPB will take advantage of AliroNet, a comprehensive quantum network software solution, for orchestration and control to simplify the deployment, configuration and management of EPB Quantum Network for potential use in secure communications implementations, quantum computing connectivity and distributed quantum sensing.”

EPB Quantum Network is a quantum-as-a-service offering that will provide quantum technologists with fiber optic infrastructure that integrates the latest foundational quantum equipment and software to accelerate their process for bringing quantum technologies and applications to market.

Aliro Quantum services also include helping with the analysis, selection and acquisition of third-party quantum networking hardware components used to build quantum memories, repeaters, routers, photon sources, photon detectors and other optical components. AliroNet use cases include quantum secure communications (QSC) between sites, campuses, branch offices, data centers and clouds. AliroNet also operates in conjunction with traditional classical networks and existing fiber installations meaning it does not require a forklift upgrade to implement an entanglement-based quantum network.