GIGABYTE Announces OCP-Compliant Enterprise Products

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March 2, 2023 ─ High performance server company Giga Computing has announced new GIGABYTE enterprise products that follow the Open Compute Project (OCP) Open Rack Version 3 (ORV3) standards.

Supporting the latest CPU advancements on both x86 and ARM platforms, these new solutions have been designed for open, scalable and efficient designs that are used in deployments ranging from small data centers to hyperscalers. The new products will begin with compute and storage nodes based on ORV3 standards, in addition to a new rack and multi-node tray. Modifications to the new version of open rack standards include supporting greater power density that is up to 30kW/rack with a new single 48V busbar and advanced cooling options such as direct liquid cooling (DLC).

OCP 21″ Rack
Evolving with modern demands, the new OCP standard reduces current draw and conduction losses. Power distribution in ORV1 relied on three 12V busbars, but that design was superseded by ORV2 with a single 12V busbar. However, as rack power density has the grabbed attention of data centers, a new single 48V busbar solution has become the latest standard. Incorporating the 48V busbar and greater rack compatibility and integration, the new GIGABYTE DO22-ST0 is a 42OU rack that has up to both 18OU and 20OU of usable rack space above and below the included 1U power shelf, which supports up to 15kW from a 5+1 power supply configuration, and three sets of switch trays.

Intel Compute Node and Node Tray
For compute intensive workloads, the GIGABYTE TO23-H60 is a single 2OU compute node supporting two processors from the full SKU stack of 3rd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable processors in addition to two Gen4 x16 low-profile expansion slots, and a single OCP 3.0 mezzanine slot. Above the front IO and three slots are four hybrid 2.5″ bays for U.2./SATA/SAS drives. As this node complies with OCP ORV3 specification, three of these nodes can fully populate the new GIGABYTE TO23-BT0 that is a 2OU tray purpose built for a high level of serviceability and compatibility.

JBOD Server
Fulfilling the need to aggregate and share on-premises storage across servers using a JBOD enclosure, the new GIGABYTE TO24-JD0 and TO24-JD1 are two great scale-out server options, each supporting up to thirty-two 3.5″ or 2.5″ SAS drives with a 24G SAS interface for 6G, 12G, and 24G SAS devices and transfer rates. Using 30TB 2.5″ SSDs, a single server could support almost 1,000 TB of storage in a 2OU 21″ chassis. And these cost-effective JBOD solutions come in two flavors based on whether a user wants to connect to one or two HBAs. As is, the -JD0 is configured for a single host adapter that is upstream from the Broadcom SAS4x32 expanders and drives, and the -JD1 is configured with dual host adapters for redundancy via both SAS paths using SAS expanders.

In the coming months are more diverse GIGABYTE designed compute nodes that support the latest generation of x86 processors from AMD and Intel, as well as Ampere processors on ARM architecture. And more storage configurations are coming that include U.3 and EDSFF drive options. Customers can expect availability in 2H 2023.

In conclusion, Giga Computing’s new generation of enterprise products based on the OCP ORV3 standards are set to revolutionize the data center industry, providing a wide range of options for customers to meet modern demands while reducing costs and improving resource optimization. With a diverse range of products in the pipeline, Giga Computing is committed to supporting the latest technological advancements and providing innovative solutions to its customers.